About the author

Hi..! Welcome to my little space on the ether.

Whether you are curious, or bitten by the culinary bug or just happened to wander here, I’m sure you’ll find this space quite flavorfully inspiring. If not, you should really try some of the recipes here. There is no soul left in this world that is not touched by the magical cuisines of mankind.
Food is something that transcends cultures, subcultures and beyond. George Bernard Shaw, a wise man who not just happened to know it well, but also had a finely developed sense of taste. He didn’t mince words when he said "There is no love sincerer than the love of food “. While he’s inspired millions, I'm much too excited to have you here. 

My recipes are healthy, light on the purse, quick and easy to make, and where is the fun without sharing it all with you. After all we are all going to make the world a little more healthier, a little better right? Sure there are some recipes that may seem a bit complicated. But no panic there, I’m gonna break down all those complex looking herculean tasks to the nitty-grittys and explain their awesome creation in all detail. There is no doubt that you’ll be empowered enough to make them within the comfort of your home.

You’re gonna find all sorts of things – from healthy snacks to delicious meals to the most satisfying desserts, from comfort foods to crafty, mesmerising cocktails and the list doesn’t end there. I use both local products as well as seasonal ingredients to impress the palate, maintain and retain the best of health benefits.

My name is Sindhoor, my friends call me Sindy, you can choose to call me either. I migrated to USA in 2008 to pursue my masters, currently dwelling in Des Moines, Iowa. We are a family of three, with my husband and a kid.

I'd like to describe myself as a congenital vegetarian and a gourmand with an epicurean taste. Being an avid Globe trotter and a self taught photographer, I have explored Canada, Tanzania, Jordan , Ecuador, Mexico , France, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Jamaica , Turkey , Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and always waiting for the next endeavor. My passion is to showcase the delightful cuisine of each country with a vegetarian twist.

One major motivation of my romantic infatuation with cooking is that I have a foodie audience at home, that love trying anything that looks or smells vegetarianly delicious. If you share the same vibe, you've come to the right place. If you don’t, Try one and there’s no going back.


There’s something super satiating about planning an entire dish around fresh from the garden vegetables or bunch of beets from farmer’s market. In this blog you will find epicurean delights from various corners of the globe reimagined in a vegetarian way, a sublime way.